Alternative Parenting & New Modality Update

Hi everyone!

A few quick updates:

As a reminder, here is a Google doc with lots of alternative parenting resources! I made the original document back in 2018, but many people have not seen it — check it out, there’s a lot of stuff in there. And if you know about resources that aren’t already in there, please leave a comment on the doc!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who supported the Kickstarter for my new publication, The New Modality. One of the subjects we’re covering at The New Modality is alternative parenting, so I’ve moved some material from this newsletter over to that website. (Sometimes I update the material when I move it — for example, I wrote an updated article about David Jay and his three-parent family that has a lot more details over on the NewMo website.)

• If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still pre-order the magazine or buy a subscription in our exciting pre-order store.

• Since we are covering alternative parenting as part of NewMo, I’m not really updating or maintaining this newsletter anymore. SO if you are a paid subscriber to this newsletter, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT, but I’d be super excited if you could switch and donate or subscribe to NewMo instead. :)

Yay! Onwards!